Posted: December 20, 2021Category: Enjoy

A Girls Trip to The Domes

Our guide for planning the perfect girls trip at the Domes.

When guests roll up to Cross Hill Geo Domes & Lodge, one dead giveaway that it’s a girls trip is the overstuffed boot of the car. The Domes are the perfect place for the girls to have an escape from their busy lives as mothers, business owners and/or wives.

Arriving at Cross Hill Domes

Undoubtedly, there’s always one in the group that leads the charge on planning girls weekend. Maybe you’re the one reading this right now and you’re already jumping over to our booking portal to start planning the trip (in which case, we’ll see you soon!). Or maybe you’re getting ready to copy this URL and slyly send it off to the drill sergeant of your gals group. Whatever the case may be, this guide will help you plan the best possible girls trip at the Domes.


Something for everyone

Every good planner knows that when you have a group of gorgeous women – whether they’re old friends from way back and new friends just meeting – everyone is bound to have different abilities and interests. 

Guest barefoot at Cross Hill Domes

Maybe some of you are keen to go hiking in the incredible hills that surround our region. Check out Isthmus Peak or even the Blue Pools walk – and though it doesn’t rain often here, don’t let bad weather stop you. In fact, this place is arguably even more beautiful with a bit of moody skies.

Perhaps a few want to take it slow and sign up for a massage or chill out by the wood-fired hot tub.

Spa pool at Cross Hill Domes

Maybe everyone is interested in some unwinding with some yoga at the Beehive.

Thee Beehive at The Camp

At Cross Hill, you don’t have to worry about what everyone is up to. Because each person is bound to find something they want to do – and end up happy to boot!

Toasting at Cross Hill Domes


An evening of drinks and food

Is it even a proper girl trip if there’s no drinks and nibbles involved? The chef at Cross Hill can prepare gorgeous cheese platters, multi-course meals and beautiful desserts. And your host is sure to keep the bubbles flowing all the while.

Cheese board at Cross Hill Domes

As the night carries on, have a late-night dip in the spa pool or carry on to one of the Domes. Spark up the fire, and hang around chatting like a good ol’ fashioned sleepover from back in the day.

Deck at Cross Hill Domes


Urban exploring

The next morning, have a slow start in your Dome with tea or coffee in bed. Then wander up to breakfast to laugh about the night before – a girls night is nothing without a good debrief the morning after.

Breakfast at Cross Hill Domes

In the afternoon, stray from the grounds of Cross Hill and explore Wanaka township. Check out a range of bespoke boutique, unique cafes and delicious lunch spots. Pop in to a winery or craft brewery to sample the incredible product of this region.

And for dinner? We highly recommend Francesca’s Italian Restaurant, Kika or Bistro Gentil.


A place to connect

A guest from one of our girls trips once said to us after her trip that “the laughter that night was irreplaceable.”

Girls group at Cross Hill Domes

That’s what Cross Hill is all about. A place to gather, relax and enjoy the high-country hospitality. It’s where our guests feel so comfortable and relaxed, and are able to just be themselves and let conversations flow. And there is nothing like being with your group of friends; altogether, without a worry in the world.