About Cross Hill

Premium dome accommodation
in Lake Hawea

Nurturing people’s powerful connections to the area’s unique landscape and the people they cross paths with is at the heart of the team’s vision for Cross Hill Lodge and Domes.

Established by Richard and Sarah Burdon to complement their farming and accommodation operations, Cross Hill is a unique rural accommodation destination set in the foothills of Glen Dene Station.

Located within the parklike surroundings of The Camp, a quintessential Kiwi camping experience that’s been popular with campers, tourists and adventurers since 1971, Cross Hill celebrates the magic of human connection on the land with high country hospitality and premium comfort in a remote, peaceful setting.

Located at the foot of Glen Dene Station, Lake Hawea

The 6000ha Glen Dene Station on the shores of Lake Hawea beneath the Southern Alps has been owned and operated by the Burdon family since 1929. Before then, the land around the farm and in Hawea was a known source of gold mining and today some historic ruins remain on the land.

“Over time we have incorporated our love for the land with our passion for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Central to this is our belief that this awesome playground – our home – should also be shared with others.”

Sarah Burdon has had a long interest with connections to the land. With a degree in eco-tourism, she has worked alongside the architects and landscapers over the past decade to ensure The Camp and more recently, Cross Hill Lodge and Domes, reflects the ethos of a sustainable operation.

As well as farming Glen Dene Richard has run a successful trophy hunting and outfitting business on the steep, craggy faces of the station, located just a few minutes up the road from Cross Hill.

Crossing paths and making connections at Cross Hill

Sarah and Richard’s paths crossed many times before they finally connected as husband and wife and now, along with their two children Georgie and Charlie, together they continue to call Glen Dene and Lake Hawea home.

The name Cross Hill also has many meanings. Symbolizing the crossing of Sarah and Richard’s paths crossing many years ago, it also nods to the crossing of paths that will inevitably happen with guests from around New Zealand and the world enjoying the Cross Hill experience. The logo for Cross Hill also resembles the crossing over between two mountains to represent the unique mountainous terrain where Cross Hill is nestled.

It may be a shared story, shared meal, future friendships or just creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cross Hill is also the name of the old farm that used to be located in Lake Hawea and the cross (x) marks the spot where all these symbols and connections come together.

Southern Hospitality and storytelling at Cross Hill Lodge & Geo Domes

Quality hospitality and authentic connection with their guests has been a long tradition for Richard and Sarah with their evening dinners with friends, guests and locals developing a formidable reputation over the past two decades.

Cross Hill was established to create a place for people to gather together, connect with each other, reconnect with themselves and share their experiences through laughter and storytelling. It’s where people’s paths cross with friends and family, making new friendships along the way and taking home lasting memories.

For anyone who grows up on a family farm, you know you don’t really own it – it’s where your home is, where your people are and where your memories are formed. It’s your job to take care of it for the next generation so they can do the same.  It gets harder and harder and the challenges are great, but perseverance and a love of the land turns the hardships around.  Glen Dene is definitely a keeper and you can’t help but fall in love with every aspect of it.

Sarah Burdon