Posted: April 14, 2021Category: About us

About Geo Domes


Over the decades, domes have been successfully employed as relief tents, festival structures and winter shelters along with their extensive use as wilderness accommodation. Growing in popularity is geo domes as tiny homes and permanent homes for people across the globe. The chosen domes were sustainable, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and the company that supplied them, Pacific Domes in Ashland Oregon had values that reflected what Cross Hill meant for the Burdons.

As one of the original manufacturers of geodesic domes worldwide, Pacific Domes have explored and developed the qualities and award-winning building standard that made them ideal for New Zealand conditions. The floor to ceiling windows bring the outside in and once the planting is established you will feel that you are surrounded by nature on all sides. The dramatic mountain reminds you that you are on the edge of the mountains and the sky provides you with the temperament of the weather in real time, which changes constantly.